Updated training packages

It is now possible to order Tjäderbladet 1 (relay training). To come soon are Borgartjärn 2 (outside the shooting range) and Björktjärn 1 (all controls map). We hope to open up the possibility of ordering these asap.

Love Sintring, responsible for the training packages recorded a movie (in Swedish) when placing the controls out on Tjäderbladet 1.

New training packages in Lisselängen

Now we open up the possibility to order "Lisselängen 1" (relay training with two different course lengths) and "Lisselängen 2" (middle distance training). We plan to hang out the orange tapes marking the controls during the upcoming week. Read more about the new training packages under "Training" in the menu. 

Karin Lindgren has test run Långa dagen

Karin Lindgren

With approximately 8 months left to Tiomila, we interviewed Karin Lindgren (born Persson) who has run the “Långa dagen” (leg 3, Damkavlen). Karin has lots of experience from the terrain and we hope that you value her tips.

Read more: Karin Lindgren has test run Långa dagen

Invitation (Bulletin 4) online and registration open

Now, we have published Bulletin 4 (Invitation) to 10MILA 2022 in Örebro. Registration has opened in Eventor.

Warm welcome on May 6-8, 2022!

Embargoed area

In accordance with the competition rules declared by the Swedish Orienteering Federation. The marked competition area has been embargoed from training and competition from November 10, 2020 until May 8, 2022.

Read more: Embargoed area


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