Invest in the training package and avoid unpleasant surprises

“Many are underestimating the terrain for 10Mila 2016. And those who are not prepared will get a really unpleasant surprise during the race next year. Therefore, I warmly recommend our training package.“ This comment comes directly from Claes Nideborn, a member of the course planning group for 10Mila in Falun and Borlänge in 2016.


He believes that in recent years, 10Mila terrain has characteristically involved running straight, fairly close to the red line orienteering. But next year it will be different.

“A feeling is that many underestimate the prospective terrain at Lugnet. But now I can reveal that it will be surprisingly hard and hilly. We offer a terrain where route-choices can be crucial. There will be more options than what is usual in Dalarna. There will also be some slope orienteering which is unusual for 10Mila but typical for Dalarna”, says Claes Niderborn and continues:

“My understanding is that many clubs currently have foreign athletes who are unaccustomed to this hilly Dala terrain with slope orienteering, where route-choices can have a decisive importance. The clubs who really want a top position at 10Mila 2016 should therefore invest in a training camp in the region.”

10Mila-organizers have realized that the upcoming competition terrain may be a surprise and have therefore focused on making several training packages with exercises that are very similar to the challenges that await everyone at Lugnet’s World Championships Stadium in May in 2016.

These training packages can be booked through:

Kalle Östgren

Mobile: 070-254 84 42

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated: Thursday, 03 March 2016 23:40