Embargoed area

The indicated area in Upplands-Bro municipality is embargoed for orienteering purposes (practice and competition) and may not be entered by competitors, team officials or other persons, whom, through knowledge of the terrain, many influence the results of Jubileumstävlingen (1 May 2020), 10MILA 2020 (2-3 May 2020) and Grymnatta 2020 (3 April 2020).

The embargo applies from 15 September 2018 until 4 May 2020

Overview map

Source: OpenStreetMap

Detailed map


Important! The embargoed area is a military area with exercise and firing grounds. No vehicle traffic is permitted in any part of the area. A special permit is required for those who need to pass through the area, at all times


Competition management for 10MILA 2020 and Grymnatta 2020