Viaplay Sport is broadcasting 10MILA live

Viaplay Sport, Finland will broadcast the orienteering competition 10MILA on 7-8 May, which this year also celebrates its 75th anniversary.

It is Viaplay Sport, Finland that has decided to broadcast one of the highest ranked orienteering competitions in the world live from the Örebro arena. It will be a long broadcast of almost 24 hours starting Saturday morning because 10MILA consists of three relays - Youth's relay, Women's relay and the Tiomila relay where the finish takes place on Sunday morning. Channel TV8 in France is also considering broadcasting the event, which shows that the interest is really great.

Hence, 10MILA is held in Örebro, or more precisely in Kilsbergen, about 20 km northwest of Örebro at the Ånnaboda ski stadium. The annually organized competition gathers the absolute best runners from more than 10 countries.

- We are very happy that orienteering has become an exciting TV sport. It shows that all the time and energy to develop the competition over the 75 years now results in an increased media attention even outside Sweden, says Göran Reinholdsson from Tiomilaföreningen in Stockholm, who are the owners and managers of the 10MILA-brand.

At the beginning, 10MILA was a competition that was arranged in nearby areas around Stockholm but since several years ago, the competition is held at various places around Sweden, says Göran.

This years, there are runners from a total of 10 countries coming to the starting line after a two year break due to the pandemic. There are now more people than usual looking forward to this premium event.

Perhaps you are wondering what to do to watch TV shows if you do not live in Finland or France?  You simply choose one of the two Web TV broadcasts offered and these are available with English or Swedish commentators. Go to the web portal, choose and then sit back and enjoy 24 hours of intense and exciting competitions.

Viaplay Sport is part of the NENT Group (Nordic Entertainment Group) and offers TV and streaming services mainly in the Nordic region.

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