10MILA - training

We offer training-packages in 4 different terrains.

Price: 60 SEK/map

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Map: Tågaröd, Scale 1:10 000, Contours 2,5 m          

Mapper: Yngve Ernstsson 2017-2018

Label Format Control-Points Day/Night Disciplin Forked Length Comments Link
TP11 A4   Bands  Day  Mass, interval-OL Yes  6,2 km Closed 20/1  TP11
TP11Y A4  Bands  Day  Yellow No  2,1 km Closed 20/1 TP11Y
TP12 A4   Pole  Night (day)  Mass   Yes  6-8 km  Opens 1/2  TP12
TP13 A4   Pole  Day, Night  Mass  Loops    Opens 1/2  
TP14 A3     Day   Long  No       
TP14Y A4  Bands   Day   Yellow  Yes       
Map: Glimåkra S, Scale 1:10 000, Contours 5 m          

Mapper Br Kartrit 2018

TP21 A4  Pole  Night (day)   Mass  Loops  11 km   Open  TP21
TP22 A4  Bands  Day   Middle   No    tbd  
TP22Y A4  Bands Day  Yellow  No    tbd  
Map: Kullaskogen, Scale 1:1000, Contours 5 m          
Mapper Yngve Ernstsson 2017-2018           
TP31  A3 Pole Day/Night) Long Yes 13,4 km Opens 18/2  
TP33 A4 Bands Day Mass Yes 7 km Opens 18/2  
TP34 A4 Bands Day Middle No   Opens 18/2  
TP34Y A4 Bands Day Yellow     Opens 18/2  
TP35 A4 Bands Day Middle     Opens 18/2  
TP36 A4 Pole Night/Day Long     Opens 18/2  
TP37     Day Middle     Opens 1/2  
Map: Immeln, Scale 1:1000, Contours 5 m          
Mapper Br Kartrit & Yngve Ernstsson 2017          
TP41 A4 Bands Day Middle No 5 km Open  TP41

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