Våra historieartiklar är baserad på boken 10Mila-minnen. Här kommer en komplement:

10MILA Idre Fjäll - Welcome

Now we publish the invitation for 10MILA 2020 Idre Fjäll – the 75th edition of 10MILA. The organising club Idrefjällens OK in partnership with Idre Fjäll resort are ready to offer something special.

- To be able to organise 10MILA at Idre Fjäll feels fantastic. We have all we need here, great infrastructure, lots of options for your stay and eating, but also, we offer wonderful woods and terrain, says Per Forsberg, one of the initiators to organise 10MILA 2020 Idre Fjäll.

In the published invitation you find all relevant information about 10MILA 2020 Idre Fjäll. Some interesting facts you find there is for example that some legs will experience real mountain orienteering, the whole five legs in Tiomilakavlen has an expected running time of 45 minutes and the start times for all three relays is a bit different compared with earlier years.

- We are putting a lot of both effort and heart in our ambition to organise 10MILA 2020 Idre Fjäll. We, the organisers, do all love the sport and the classical event 10MILA. But considering the current situation maybe the odds is not the best but we will give it a try because we want to send a signal of both believe and hope, says Per Forsberg.

At the same time as the invitation we also publish information about our training packages, courses, maps and Naturpass. There are several options for training during the summer at Idre Fjäll and it´s surroundings. All areas are very relevant when it comes to both terrain and mappers. We want to give all visitors a chance to explore the very special and interesting terrain for 10MILA 2020 but also World Cup 2021 and of course, for all of you who had a plan to run Idrefjällveckan 2020. Now we offer a light version of this instead.

Tiomila will not be a light version – we will offer a great feast in September.

NOTE. Given the current situation with the Corona pandemic and the restrictions that apply a final decision if the competition can be made will be given by July 31st.


Entries 2020

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Entries 2020

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