Våra historieartiklar är baserad på boken 10Mila-minnen. Här kommer en komplement:

10MILA in the Swedish mountains

After the cancellation of Tiomila 2020 in Upplands-Bro, which should have been conducted in the beginning of May, and when it became clear that it would not be possible to arrange the competition in this location later this year, other options have been conferred. Right now, we are exploring the possibility of arranging the Tiomila relay on the 26-27 September in Idre Fjäll.


Ever since the decision was made to cancel the competition in Upplands-Bro, different options have been discussed. One option was to postpone all future competitions one year in time. This solution, however, has not been possible, so the previous programme of Valdemarksvik 2021, Örebro 2022, and Skellefteå 2023 remains.

Instead, different options for holding the competition this autumn have been explored. The one option that remains is to arrange the Tiomila relay in Idre Fjäll, with Idrefjällens OK as the main host. Svenska orienteringsförbundet (The Swedish Orienteering Federation) has allowed for a competition to be held that weekend, but there are still many issues to be solved before the event can be finalized. The Tiomila Association follows the progression of the current situation and continuously evaluate the information from authorities.

“There are still puzzle pieces that have to fall in place, but now it is clear what goal we are working towards. We hope that the corona infection rate will drop, so that the restrictions that limit the competition will be lifted. That of course remains a precondition for us to be able to hold a Tiomila relay during 2020. We keep our fingers crossed! An event in Idre Fjäll at the end of September could be really awesome”, says the chairman of the Tiomila Association, Christer Nordström.

More information will be provided in the following weeks. The Tiomila Association will make a definite decision on 31 July, at the latest.

/The Tiomila Association

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