Våra historieartiklar är baserad på boken 10Mila-minnen. Här kommer en komplement:

1st registration deadline March 11

On March 12, the entry fee increases with 50%. Remember that registration is completed only after all fees are paid. Late payment means that the increased fee applies.

10MILA 2022 - a motivator for Nydalens SK

We are happy to see that Nydalens SK uses Tiomila 2022 as a motivator and mobilisation tool after the pandemic. Already now, 114 people have indicated their interest in going on a club trip to Örebro! Läs mer om deras resa här (på norsk!).  We also know that both IKHP Huskvarna and NTNUI have their own camps during the Tiomila weekend. The current to 4 over registered teams is the following: 

Club Ungdomskavlen Damkavlen Tiomilakavlen
NTNUI   9 7
IKHP Huskvarna 2 3 10
Halden SK 3 4 3
Nydalens SK 2 4 3

Invitation (Bulletin 4) online and registration open

Now, we have published Bulletin 4 (Invitation) to 10MILA 2022 in Örebro. Registration has opened in Eventor.

Warm welcome on May 6-8, 2022!

Training packages to be updated

All training packages but the ones at "Lisselängen" will be updated during March. The plan is that all control points at the updated training packages will be available at March 18th at the latest (weekend of week 11). This means that control points from today's training packages will have to be moved. We therefore ask you to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case you plan to come visit us for training during week 10-11 (March 7th and onwards). 

New training packages in Lisselängen

Now we open up the possibility to order "Lisselängen 1" (relay training with two different course lengths) and "Lisselängen 2" (middle distance training). We plan to hang out the orange tapes marking the controls during the upcoming week. Read more about the new training packages under "Training" in the menu. 


Entries 2020

Total Entries5
Russian Federation1

Entries 2020

Total Entries1022
Czech Republic15
Russian Federation4