Våra historieartiklar är baserad på boken 10Mila-minnen. Här kommer en komplement:


Water au naturel

In the woods surrounding Idre Fjäll you find the most wonderful terrain in pure wilderness. There are also a number of smaller creeks running down from the mountains. Especially now when the snow are melting down.

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Farum Tisvilde OK is coming to Idre Fjäll

On the Danish Constitution Day the 5th of June we are happy to see more registrations, not that many but very interesting clubs, Farum Tisvilde from Denmark is one of them.

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First team to register - Kuzmolovo

We did´nt wait for that many hours before we have the first team entered to 10MILA 2020 Idre Fjäll. It was the russian club Kuzmolovo, 57th position in 10MILA 2018 in Nynäshamn. 
First team in the start list but not the last.

Summer days at Idre Fjäll

At the moment the last areas are mapped for 10MILA 2020 Idre Fjäll. Kenneth Kaisajuntti and Per Forsberg are the two mappers and they are supposed to map another 4 km2. Right now the conditions are the best with fantastic summer days and very intersting terrain areeas.

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