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10MILA relay, 30 april – 1 maj 2011

>> Program in PDF-file for printing

The Arena opens Friday April 29 at 16:00

Venue/Arena (Competition Centre)
Riksten, Tullinge. Signposted from road 226 (Huddingevägen) in Tullinge, then 4 km to the Arena. See map at Google Maps

Parking according to directions. Parking fee is included in the registration fee. Distance between parking and the Arena is maximum 1300 meters.

Follow the directions for drop off at the Arena. Then buses continue to parking. Bus parking has to be ordered at www.10mila.se

Bus transport between accommodation in Tullinge and the Arena
Direct bus shuttles start on Saturday 30th April at 14.00 and ends Sunday 1st  May at 12.00. From the bus stop there is about 1200 meter to the Arena.
The first bus leaves Eklidsskolan in Tullinge at 14:00 and every half hour after. The first return bus leaves the arena at 14:15 and every half hour after.
Delays due to traffic will affect this schedule.

Tickets are sold for 20 SEK at school accommodation and are valid for one single trip to the Arena. No change is given, cash only. Travelling from the Arena to the school accommodation is free.

Public transport to the Arena
Take the commuter train (Pendeltåg) to Tullinge station (Södertälje line). From there take bus 721 to Riksten. Get off at, Gösta Frohms väg. The journey till take about 15 minutes. From the bus stop there is about 1200 meter to the Arena.

From Tullinge station there is a 5 minutes walk to accomodation in Falkbergsskolan, Eklidsskolan and Sollidens preschool.

Please note that you can not pay by cash at the bus 721. You must either pay with prepayed SMS ticket (only available with Swedish phone cards) or prepaid ticket bought at the Tullinge station. More info www.sl.se

Time schedule from Tullinge station with bus 721
Saturday: 10.07, 11.11, 12.01. 13.11, 14.01, 15.11, 16.01, 17.11, 18.01, 19.11, 20.11, 21.11, 22.11, 00.11, 01.11.

Sunday: 07.11, 08.11,0 9.11, 10.07, 11.11

Return tip from Gösta Frohms väg
Saturday: 10.38, 11.32, 12.38, 13.32, 14.38, 15.32, 16.38, 17.32, 18.38, 19.32, 20.32, 21.32, 22.32, 23.32

Sunday: 07.32, 08.32, 09.32, 10.38, 11.32, 12.38, 13.32, 14.38

Open courses  /Training
Competitors in 10MILA can also take part in Open courses. You can either pre-register via Eventor by the 24th of April or register at the Arena.

Speaker is Per Forsberg. A Finnish speaker will be broadcasted on Radio 10MILA. For frequency see below.

Radio 10MILA
Radio 10MILA broadcasts during all three competitions on two FM bands, one in Swedish and the other one in Finnish.

Swedish broadcast on - 102,7 MHz
Finnish broadcast on - 107,9 MHz

Radio 10MILA can also be found on our web page at www.10mila.se/2011. Follow links to Radio 10MILA for Swedish or Finnish broadcast. Radio 10MILA on internet is free of charge.

Big screen
The competition will be broadcasted live on the big screen at the Arena. There will also be a TV in the Food tent.

Split time station
Both runners and team leaders can view split times from the forest by station in the change over area. To view your teams position and splits submit your team number or SI card.

10MILA online
The following services will be available
- Result service at http://resultat.10mila.se
- Web TV service at http://webtv.10mila.se
- Smartphone apps for iPhone and Android. Read more at http://www.10mila.se/2011

Smartphone apps
Applications for both Android and iPhone will be availble for download with links from the 10MILA web site. In the app you can view your team split times. The application is downloaded from Android Market or App Store and is free.
Data transfer fees for mobile traffic will be added.

Web TV
The competition is live broadcasted on Web TV from about Saturday, 11.00 to Sunday 11.00. The broadcast is identical to the one on the big screen at the Arena.
The live broadcast has a fee of 90 SEK and is availble at http://webtv.10mila.se
Payment is with credit card (VISA/Mastercard) or by Swedish internet banks.
The broadcast is only available on one computer at a time but is not tied to any specific computer or IP address.

If the broadcast can be viewed for less than 50 percent of the total broadcast time (23-24 hours) 10MILA 2011 will repay the whole amount except for the transaction fees.
10MILA 2011 is not responsible if the error can be classed as Force Majeure.

Live GPS tracking will only be possible to view in Web TV and can not be viewed in the Live Tracking service. After the competition is finished we will open up the GPS Tracking service to view routes from 10MILA.

Live broadcast from Swedish Radio (Sveriges Radio/SR) and Radiosporten
SR/Radiosporten will broadcast live from the competition in cooperation with Nattradion (Night Radio) mosly during the 10MILA event. During the Womens relay Radiosporten will broadcast at short intervals and live for the finish. During the first legs in the Mens relay Radiosporten will broadcast at short intervals. From midnight Radiosporten will broadcast live both from the Arena and the forest. Radiosporten has two teams in the forest for live coverage. Parts of the live broadcast from Radiosporten will be broadcast over the Arena.

Own Radio transmitters
Personal radio transmitters may not be used in or around the arena, due to the risk of interference.

At the Arena there is catering with warm food, sausage, coffee, sandwich, cold drinks, candy and more. Catering is open from Friday evening, 17.00-21.00 and from Saturday 09.00 until the competition is over for this year.

Food tickets are sold separately in a tent connected to Catering. A useful tip is to buy your food tickets long before you eat to avoid queuing.

Payment – card, SEK and Euro
At the Arena you can pay with Swedish Krona (SEK) and Euro bills (not coins). Card payment is possible both at the catering and in the sport shop. ATM’s(Bankomat) can be found in Tullinge Centrum.

Sport shop
Sale of sports and outdoor equipment at the Arena is sold by Intersport.
Shop is open
Friday:    16.00-20.00
Saturday:     08.00-24.00
Sunday:     06.00-13.00 (On demand 00.00-06.00)

Advertising sand sales
Advertisement can not be posted or spread at the Arena without permission from Competition Management. This also includes all types of sales. Salesmen without permission will be ejected from the Arena.

Exhibition Area
In the Exhibition Area you will find the following exhibitors:

* Tourist association of Wipptal, Tyrol, Austria: Traning Orienteering in the Alps
* 25-manna 2011       
* Scania
* Botkyrka kommun       
* Ing2, Eksjö
* Lida Loop           
* 10MILA 2012
* 43-kavlen 2011       
* F18s vänner
* Salpa-Jukola 2011

Toilets for audience and runners are at two locations at the Arena. Toilets for disabled people are also available. For runners there are also toilets in the change over area.

Drinkable water
There are about ten different places to get tap water at the Arena and Tent area.

Electrical Power generators
Private electrical power generators are forbidden in the area for club tents and military tents.

Fire Extinguishers
There are fire extinguishers placed within the area for tents and club tents, marked with signs. Competitors and spectators must, on arrival, note where the nearest extinguisher is placed.
If there is a fire, call 112 and alert the closest official or alternatively contact the crisis group (see below).

Open fires are forbidden.

Tent and Caravan sites
Allocation of sites for booked Rental Tents, Wind shelter (Club tents), Military Tents, Tent sites and Caravans will be published at www.10mila.se/2011 by the 26th of April.

Accomodation in schools and preschools
The accommodation opens Friday, 29th April at 18.00. A special Program is distributed to clubs that have booked accommodation.

First Aid
First aid is available at the Arena from Saturday, 30th April at 11.00 until the competition is over.

The First Aid at the Arena is primarily for competitors. In emergency there is also room for spectators with minor injuries. For spectators we refer to Huddinge närakut, phone +46 8 608 67 50 (in the same building as the University Hospital) or Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset Huddinge. Medical assistance by phone is available 24/7 on phone +46 8 32 01 00. The University Hospital is about 7 km drive from the Arena.

During the Women’s relay there will be one manned first aid point in the forest, marked on the competition map.

During the Men’s relay there will be two manned first aid points in the forest, marked on the competition map.

Competitors in the Junior relay can only use the First Aid at the Arena.

Officials in the forest have first aid equipment, and in some cases radio communication.

To gain access to the Press tent, one must be accredited by www.10mila.se.  Representatives from the media who are not accredited themselves are asked to do so without delay. Press Officer is Maria Bratt, maria.bratt@10mila.se or phone +46 70 793 59 60 .

Crisis Group
If a serious accident or something else unexpected happens, please make contact with the 10MILA crisis group. The group is led by the competition''''''''s CIO, Lennart Agén who can be reached at +46 70 564 17 10.

Scene Programs
10.30     Opening Ceremony with speeches by the Mayor of Botkyrka, Katarina Berggren.
10.40    Burnt Out Punks perform a fire show.
19.05    Entertainment and prize ceremony Junior Relay. The awards will be presented by Ara Abrahamian.
19.45    Entertainment and prize ceremony Women’s Relay. The awards will be presented Ara Abrahamian.
21.00    Dogge Doggelito, Botkyrka’s pride and Sweden’s first hip-hop king, performs.
10.00    Entertainment and prize ceremony Men’s Relay. The awards will be presented Sarah Bäckman.

Wreath hanger
Junior Relay: Jenny Lönnkvist – multiple junior world champion in orienteering. Resident of Botkyrka, respresenting Tullinge SK

Womens Releay: Ara Abrahamian – multiple world champion and Olympic medallist in Wrestling. Resident of Botkyrka.

Mens Relay: Sarah Bäckman – armwrestler that took two gold medals in World Championships December 2010. Resident of Botkyrka.

The top ten teams in each relay receive a plaque in the form of a bronze relay baton to each team member. The top three teams in each relay will also receive special prizes.




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